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Chris Brown’s father Clinton Brown dislikes Rihanna

Chris Brown’s father Clinton Brown did not like his son Chris Brown and his on and off girlfriend Rihanna is back together again. He gets candid in an interview and said, "personally didn't want [Chris] and Rihanna back together." "You have to have a balance in a relationship," Clinton ... read more

Rihanna pregnant with boyfriend Chris Brown’s child

Rumor is doing all the rounds that singer Rihanna is pregnant with her on and off boyfriend Chris Brown's child. The rumor surfaced after she cancelled her four days tour due to a mystery illness. Rihanna claimed that she is suffering from throat infection. Rihanna and Chris Brown are sai ... read more

Rihanna spotted kissing a mystery man

Pop singer Rihanna who has patched up with her on and off boyfriend Chris Brown was spotted kissing a mystery man. He was a big fan of Rihanna and the ardent fan caught up with his dream idol and get along with her like a house on fire. The fan posted the kissing photo online. Rihanna got ... read more

Rihanna uploads topless picture on twitter

Pop star Rihanna surprised her fans by uploading topless picture of herself on Instagram. The picture shows Rihanna in topless only covering her upper part with a white towel but it hardly covered her modesty. She was getting ready for the Atlanta concert. The 25 year-old pop star only wor ... read more

Rihanna takes up ‘heartbreak therapy’ to get over Chris

25-year-old Rihanna has decided to take up 12 step programme of heartbreak therapy in a clinic to get over her past love Chris Brown with whom she is deeply attached but cheated on her. Chris broke up his relationship with the pop star and rekindles his relationship with fashion designer Karreuch ... read more