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I want to become a mother, Rakhi Sawant on freezing her eggs

Sultry Rakhi Sawant always speaks her mind out. She is a bindaas girl and live life on her own terms. You may hate her or you may love her but you cannot ignore her. In an exclusive interview, Rakhi quipped that she wants to become a mother and took the decision of freezing her egg ... read more

Rakhi Sawant sings song as she gets Covid-19 vaccine first dose

Item girl Rakhi Sawant shares a funny video of her getting vaccinated. As the nurse is about to give her the shot, Rakhi gets little frightened and she asked the nurse if she can sing a song from her new album, 'Dream Mein Entry' followed by 'muje bohot dukhega kya'. After getting the vacc ... read more

Rakhi Sawant enjoys bath time with husband Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant is enjoying her married life to the fullest with her NRI husband Ritesh. The newly married has shared few new pictures of her from bathroom in which she is covered with foam bubbles and posing in style. She relaxed on the bath tub and seemed enjoying bath time with her ... read more

Rakhi Sawant’s mother to undergo major surgery

Sultry Rakhi Sawant was inconsolable on the show, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ after she talked to her mother Jaya Bheda. Rakhi is shocked to know that her mother was admitted to the hospital and will undergo major surgery for abdomen tumor. She burst into tears while talking to her mother via video call and a ... read more

Rakhi Sawant’s mother battles cancer, Salman Khan offers help

Sensuous Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant is undergoing cancer treatment in Mumbai and in her hard time, superstar and host of ‘Bigg Boss’ Salman Khan extended financial support to Rakhi. Rakhi Sawant is very much grateful to the actor and she has shared a video of her mother Jaya in whi ... read more