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Bigg Boss 9: Prince proposes Yuvika even as catfights continue

After three weeks, ‘Bigg Boss 9’ is getting interesting with the entry of the two wild card contestants Rishabh Sinha and Puneet Vashist. Day 26 in the house begins with a fight and witness some more throughout the day, even as Prince proposes Yuvika, the demure girl who is finally opening up. ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh Sinha, Puneet Vashist to enter as wild cards

Television actors Rishabh Sinha and Puneet Vashist are set to enter the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house as the wild card entrants and create ‘tehelka’ in the house. While Rishabh will enter on day 22 of the show, i.e. Monday Puneet will be entering later in the week. Rishabh is a former contestant of ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Mandana gets punished for kicking Kishwer

The ‘highway’ task which involves one team riding the cycle-rickshaw and the opposite team troubling them to get them off the vehicle, continued for the second day on Wednesday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 9’. It was team A’s turn to ride the cycle. ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Ugly spats, emotions mark Diwali for contestants

It is Diwali in Bigg Boss house and the members celebrate the festival of lights with lots of fights and a little entertainment, competition and emotions as well. The housmates wake up in festive mood to the song ‘Happy Diwali’ in the house decorated with flowers and colourful lights. The ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh is new captain; becomes target of pranks

Day 25 inside the Bigg Boss house is all about the newest member of the house Rishabh Sinha who entered as a wild card earlier in the week. He becomes the new captain, flirts with Yuvika, gets into a spat with Rochelle and becomes the target of pranks. ‘Bigg Boss 9’ contestants wake up dan ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Salman enters the house to co-ordinate nominations

After the weekend interaction with ‘Bigg Boss 9’ host Salman Khan, Monday was the day for nominations for the week. And this time nomination process has a twist and is held under the supervision of Salman. Each member nominated two contestants by throwing a dart on their pictures on a circular bo ... read more