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Mukesh Khanna’s sister dies after recovering from Covid-19

After Mukesh Khanna’s death hoax, a tragic incident hit the actor and his family badly. His elder sister passed away due to congestion in the lungs. She successfully battled the deadly virus in 12 days. After recovering from coronavirus, she died due to lung congestion. He wrote in Hindi, ... read more

Mukesh Khanna squashes off death rumours

In the recent past, many celebrities have fallen prey of death hoax. The latest celebrities to be killed by internet and social media is veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, who portrayed the popular character of Bhisma in the mythological soap, ‘Mahabharata’. Mukesh Khanna, however, took to ... read more

Good News: Mukesh Khanna's 'Shaktimaan' back on TV

Good news for the children. The first superhero of Indian television ‘Shaktimaan’ is going to be back on TV. The most loved superhero, ‘Shaktimaan’ is again set to ablaze the small screen. Actor Mukesh Khanna, who portrayed the role of ‘Shaktimaan’ informed that he is in talks with few pr ... read more