All About Mira Nair

Amitabh Bachchan and Johnny Depp in Mira Nair’s Shantaram

Mira Nair’s film Namesake will soon be releasing, but many from bollywood have already attended the premiere. The who’s who of bollywood was present at the event and it seems like everyone loved the film. Tabu and Irfan Khan are a part of the film. However even before the release of Namesake, it see ... read more

No retakes for Mira Nair

The expertise to transcend geographical barriers with contemporary Indian sensibilities. The skill to say Salaam Bombay with as much finesse as she mixes Mississippi Masala, and organise a Monsoon Wedding with as much passion as she follows the Kama Sutra. Meet director Mira Nair... ... read more

Mira Nair's Aids film appreciated at IFFI

Forget those drab, dreary documentaries on the AIDS epidemic. Four of India's finest filmmakers have put their individualistic stamps on four short fiction films that travel into the very heart of the human dimensions of the deadly epidemic. And do these films connect? You bet they do. ... read more