All About Mamta Kulkarni

I am an innocent ‘yogini’, says drug accused Mamta Kulkarni

Former Bollywood actress and drug accused Mamta Kulkarni denies association in drug smuggling. She refused all the allegations against her and tagged herself ‘yogini’ and ‘innocent’. “I am a yogini (ascetic). I am engaged in spirituality and it effects by activities since the pa ... read more

Mamta Kulkarini’s bank accounts freezed in Thane drug case

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni’s bank accounts have been frozen by the Thane Police in connection with the multi-crore drug racket busted in the Maharashtrian city few months ago. The actress is named a prime accused in the case linked to her partner and international drug lord Vicky Gos ... read more

Mamta Kulkarni is not my wife: drug mafia Vicky Goswami

Vicky Goswami, who is wanted in Rs 2,000 crore drug smuggling, spoke about his alleged relationship with former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni and his association with drug mafia, Kishor Rathode and Manoj Jain. Vicky denied that Mamta is his wife and his partner in crime in drug dwelling. Polic ... read more

Mamta Kulkarni’s husband Vicky Goswami wanted in drug case

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni's husband Vicky Goswami, who had spent a good number of years at a Dubai jail for drug-related offences, is once again in trouble. He has been named as one of the masterminds in a huge consignment of drugs seized recently. He is now wanted by the US police. ... read more

Mamta Kulkarni prime accused in multi-crore drug racket, Police

In a major development, former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni has been name prime accused in multi-crore drug racket by Thane police. Mamta is most likely to face Red Corner Notice by the Interpol. Already 10 people have been arrested in this case. Earlier police has named Mamta’s husban ... read more

Mamta Kulkarni under scanner for money laundering

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni has come under the scanner for money laundering. After her alleged husband Vicky Goswami’s involvement in a huge drug racket again, police were closely monitoring the actress’ back accounts. The police reportedly probed Mamta about her association wi ... read more

Actress Mamta Kulkarni arrested in drug-trafficking

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni was arrested along with her husband Vicky Goswami in drug-trafficking case in Kenya in a joint operation between Drug Enforcement Agency and Mombasa Police. The husband and the wife were questioned after being detained in Mombasa. Vicky was earlier involved ... read more

Sunny Leone to play Mamta Kulkarni on-screen

Mamta Kulkarni’s controversial life will now be put up into celluloid. Recently, she hit the headlines for her involvement in a drug racket and was reported being arrested in Kenya with her husband Vicky Goswami. Photographer Jayesh Sheth has announced to make a film on Mamta Kulkarni who starred ... read more