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Photo: Bollywood stars with their pets

Irrespective of their breeds, types and kinds; pets can be a source of great delight. Taken well care of and brought up with oodles of comfort, pet becomes parts and parcels of family it is reared by. Standing by owners through thick and thin, pets can be the delightful supporters through spells ... read more

5 Bollywood actresses who opted for cosmetic surgery

Celebrities often feel the pressure to constantly look gorgeous for their admirers and to remain in the limelight. Hence, they have been seeking solace in cosmetics surgeries. Many of our Bollywood actors have also gone under the knife to enhance their features and look better on-screen. While th ... read more

Koena calls Saif, ‘Gareeb Nawab’

Karan Johar’s chat show, ‘Koffee With Karan’ has irked another celebrity.  In the rapid fire question when Saif Ali Khan was asked whom he thinks has a worst botox job done, he immediately named Koena Mitra. "Poor Koena ( Mitra). I can't think of anybody else.&quo ... read more

Peculiar habits of bollywood divas Preity, Urmila and Amisha

Our bollywood divas are known to be perfect onscreen, but off-screen many of them are known to exhibit some strange behaviours. Well most of these peculiar habits are just that plain weird, but none are really harmful. Bollywood divas they may be but everyone is entitled to certain strange quirks. P ... read more

Riya Sen, Koena Mitra and Tanushree Dutta caught in a fracas

Bengali beauties Riya Sen and Koena Mitra are working together in Subhash Ghai’s film Apna Sapna Money Money. However as usual when two beautiful actresses are in one film, there is bound to be a clash of egos and catfights. According to sources from the film, Koena and Riya too don’t see eye to eye ... read more

Bipasha Basu chills in Goa for her birthday

Bipasha Basu celebrated her birthday yesterday with beau John Abraham in Goa. The actress took a break from work and shootings to spend the day relaxing and rejuvenating herself. Bips spent the day lounging on the beaches and taking in the sun. Bips also plans to have a small get together the next d ... read more

Koena Mitra humiliated at Bangalore airport

Koena Mitra was humiliated by the airport staff at Bangalore when she was asked to strip. Fuming Koena Mitra narrated the incident, “Three girls in uniform, clearly in a mood to bully me since I am a celeb ... read more

Koena Mitra will direct film as birthday gift for her Granny

Koena Mitra, the sexy gal, is just another softie when it comes to her family and she would do anything to make her family members happy. Her granny, who lives in Kolkata is old and can’t travel, but she is curious about Koena’s life in Mumbai as an actress. Hence, to make granny dearest happy, Koen ... read more