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Angelina Jolie's wedding to clash with Jennifer Aniston

Report is doing the rounds that Hollywood two most adorable couples, Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux might exchange wedding vows around the same time. Brad Pitt the former husband of Jennifer Aniston will receive marriage license by end of th ... read more

Miranda Kerr gifts lingerie to Jennifer Aniston

Ahead of her wedding to Justin Theroux, supermodel Miranda Kerr has gifted custom-made innerwear to actress Jennifer Aniston as a wedding gift. Kerr has recently walked out of her role as Victoria’s Secret angel and she is keen to start her underwear line. The classy lingerie that she has sent to ... read more

Watch Trailer: Jennifer Aniston strips down in her next

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston sheds off her clothes and performs a sizzling lap dance in her next movie, ‘We’re The Millers’. The 44-year-old Jennifer plays a lap dancer Rose in the comedy ‘We’re The Millers’. She sheds her clothes and shows off her well toned body. The film revolves round a ma ... read more

Jennifer Aniston to shed clothes for her next movie

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston is going to strip for her new comedy film, "We're The Millers". In the movie, the 44-year-old actress will play a lap dancer.  Jennifer Aniston is very nervous about her upcoming movie. Speaking about her anxiousness, Aniston said, "I was definitely ... read more

Scared Selena Gomez run away from Jennifer Aniston

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston is singer Selena Gomez’s idol and when she went to meet her idol, she was terrified to see her star-struck attitude and she ran away from Aniston. Selena Gomez was upset about her meeting. She couldn’t believe that the person whom she idolized have so much attitude ... read more

Jennifer Aniston gets snake skin pedicures

It may sounds stage but the 44 year old Jennifer Aniston has been getting snake skin pedicures. She attaches a sliver of snakeskin to her toenails and painted over it with a clear sealant. "It sounds gross, but it really does look amazing. Jen first heard about the toenail touch-up from bu ... read more