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Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha’s aunt dies of coronavirus in UK

Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha has lost her aunt to the deadly coronavirus in UK. She bemoaned as nobody could be with her during her final moment. She was all alone with the medical team in UK.   In an emotional Instagram post, Gurinder thanked the medical team, “Today we said goodbye to ... read more


Since ages Bollywood stars have been trying to achieve success in the Hollywood industry. Actresses like Malika Sherawat has tried their best but their attempt failed to grab popular attention. Indian celebs who have achieved success in the west: Aishwarya ... read more

Bebo hates Ash

To go Hollywood is the dream of any Bollywood actor. But Kareena Kapoor let the opportunity go due to her enemy, Aishwarya Bachchan. Her disliking for Ash started when Abhi replaced Karishma with Aishwarya. Bebo ... read more

Gurinder Chaddha is back

According to sources 'Staying Alive', the evergreen disco song by Bee Gees, has had amazing makeover on the soon-to-release soundtrack of Gurinder Chadha's much awaited comedy, IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE. As Bhangra music is liked worldwide, noted British-Asian DJ and music produ ... read more

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