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Paresh Rawal stirs a storm with his ‘Arundhati Roy’ tweet

Bollywood actor-turned BJP parliamentarian Paresh Rawal sparked a Twitter storm on Monday after her tweeted that author Arundhati Roy should be tied to an army jeep. His tweet suggested that the award-winning writer be dealt in the manner as the Kashmiri local who was tied to a jeep as a human sh ... read more

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Twitter account suspended

For violating Twitter rules, singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Twitter account is suspended. He is known for posting abusive and offensive tweets in various occasions. Off late, the singer has posted cheap remark on women including JNU student Shehla Rashid and following which the strict action ... read more

#Awardwapsi: Writer Arundhati Roy returns National award

Writer-activist Arundhati Roy is the latest to join the #Awardwapsi movement initiated by few artists by returning their national award. She won the National Award for Best Screenplay in 1989 for the film ‘In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones”. She announced her decision to return the Nation ... read more