All About Angela Jonsson

Ranbir Kapoor dating Kingfisher model Angela Johnson!

The new girl who is reported to be spending quality time with Ranbir Kapoor in a bar in Mumbai is none other than Kingfisher hottie Angela Johnson. Ranbir and Angela met at Anushka Sharma’s birthday bash few days back. Since then the duo met quite often and spends romantic time toge ... read more

Women in Ranbir Kapoor's Life

The Kapoor family over the years has been known for falling in love just once and keep it going on forever. But this Kapoor boy seems to have fallen in love more than once. In a span of 4 years Ranbir Kapoor, has dated over 8 girls from B-town. Here are a few girls he supposedly fell in love wit ... read more

Siddharth Mallya gets personal with Angela Johnson

At Shilpa Shetty’s birthday bash, Deepika Padukone’s boyfriend Siddharth Mallya gets too personal with Kingfisher model, Angela Jonsson.  Siddharth who is deeply in love with Deepika could not take his eyes off from Angela and both got the house on fire. As soon as Angela ... read more

Glimpse into the newly launched Kingfisher Calendar

The luscious blend of sultry bombshells & gorgeously picturesque locales has been the leading deal of the Kingfisher Calendar. It all began almost a decade back when the first of its kind was captured amid the scenic grandeur of Mauritius. Looked upon as a trump card to glamour, pelf and fam ... read more

Angela Jonsson admits dating Ranbir Kapoor

Kingfisher model Angela Jonsson hit the headlines for her close association with heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. Angela is totally worried about how her affair with Ranbir has been a national news and she is much bothered thinking about how her parents would react to the news. Before the news takes a ... read more