VIP mimics the judges of 'Comedy ka Badsshah' - Comedy ka Badsshah - Hasega India - Episode 3


Winner for the past two seasons, VIP competes with Nitin. He draws the effect of daily soaps and comedy shows on public. With this, he visualizes the situation of unemployment for the comedians and superbly mimics Raju, Ehsaan and Ratanura. The king of comedy, Raju Srivastav, hosts Comedy ka Badsshah - Hasegaa India exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television. The show is a combination of spoofs, gags and stand-up comedy show with Raju Srivastav and is rib-tickling. A popular fellow comedian also joins Raju for an entertaining tete a tete. To add some more excitement to the funny proceedings there is aa glamorous guest from the world of showbiz each week who is part of the comic caper. There's more to this funny business. Every week two new comic talents are pitted against each other to vie for the crown of the 'king of comedy'. Raju along with the celebrity guest and the guest comedian judges the winner who in the next episode is pitted against the next new comic talent the following week.