Veena Malik Exposed In Front Line with Kamran Shahid (


In an interview on the Talk show Frontline, hosted by Kamran Sahid on the private TV channel Express News, Veena and a religious cleric were both invited to discuss whether Veena carried herself decently in the reality show. Well before that, while Veena was acting in the show, both Pakistani and Indian media had criticized her physical intimacy with Indian actor Ashmit Patel, also a performer on Bigg Boss 4. The cleric invited to the show had also condemned her in an earlier episode of Frontline, saying Veena had thrown both Pakistan and Islam's name into quagmire.

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Hot: When Ashmit Patel washed Veena Malik’s lingerie

Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik made a shocking revelation recently when she said that during her stay at Bigg Boss house, her ex-boyfriend Ashmit Patel had washed her under garments. Almost three years ago, when Ashmit and Veena participated on the reality show, Bigg Boss they raised

Trailer: Hot Veena Malik with Ashmit Patel in ‘Super Model’

The official trailer of Veena Malik’s upcoming film, ‘Super Model’ with her ex-boyfriend Ashmit Patel is out and it introduces the lead protagonists of the film Ashmit Patel and Pakistani starlet, Veena Malik.  In the film, Veena plays an aspiring supermodel and Ashnit a fashion photographer