Use Reusable Bags When You Shop!


CREDITS Cast: Mr. Leatherback: Himself Shopper: Fanja Andriamialisoa Kazoo Girl: Sarika Langrand Dancers: Melanie Norris, Sarah Abruzzo, Leah Rothernberg, Stephanie Turner, Callie McKenzie, Katie Castro, Maggie Mitchell, Victoria Warrick, Allison Hughes, Morrison Mast Music Both songs, "When You Know Exactly What Is Coming" & "Reusable Bags," were written, recorded, performed, and mixed by Joseph Anthony Camerlengo and Mary Lynn Gloeckle at Kitty Two Spot Studio in Columbus, Ohio. Photos "Cherry Pie" by Benny Mazur used under Creative Commons 2.0 ( All other photos courtesy of Rod Mast Production Executive Producer: Rod Mast Cameras: Gina & Brian Hutchinson Crew: Sarah Hoyt, Olivier Langrand, Angela Mast, Morrison Mast, Bryan & Jessica Wallace Created by: Michael Donohoe Special thanks to Conservation International for the use of camera equipment, and to Harris Teeter in Herndon, VA for the use of their store. For more information on Mr. Leatherback please see For more information on sea turtle conservation please see http


Celebrities and their love child

Having a love child out of an adulterous relationship or outside wedlock is not so uncommon among celebrities in the West. However, India being a largely conservative society, such a thing is not easily acceptable. But there are a few celebrities who have defied conventions and have boldly admitt

Shruti Haasan launches her production house Isidro

Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan has launched her own production house Isidro, which will focus on short films, digital films, musical and multimedia-based content. The 29-year-old daughter of veteran actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika took to Twitter to share the news. "Proud to say my dream i

Amitabh Bachchan plays prank, Sarika into tears

While Amitbah Bachchan is famous for his imposing height and baritone voice, very few people realize that he has a tremendous sense of humor. The living legend is at present shooting for his first ever fictional TV series ‘Yudh’. One of his co-stars is veteran actor Sarika who has said on record