The Outsiders Part 3


The movie The Outsiders, based on the book by SE Hinton. I do not own this movie and this is for entertainment only. I have a playlist of the whole movie with all the parts in it for whoever wants to watch this full film and can't find the other parts I posted up right away. Cast: C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis (Pony) Rob Lowe as Sodapop Curtis (Soda) Patrick Swayze as Darrel Curtis (Darry) Ralph Macchio as Johnny (Johnnycake) Matt Dillon as Dallas Winston (Dally) Emilio Estevez as Keith Matthews (Two-Bit) Tom Cruise as Steve Randle (Steve)

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise spends $50k per week for Suri’s safety

Hollywood star Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have got divorced a year back but Tom is still a protective father and he ensures that his daughter Suri is safe and for his daughter’s safety he spends USD 50,000 per week. Tom is happy spending this whopping amount on his seven-year-old da

Katie Holmes to celebrate divorce with friends

Actress Katie Holmes will throw a divorce party this week to celebrate her divorce from her ex-husband Tom Cruise. The 34-year-old starlet ended her six years of marriage with Tom a year ago and left Tom’s home with her seven-year-old daughter Suri. Katie is independent now and she enjoyin

Tom Cruise still loves his ex-wife Katie Holmes

It is reported that the divorced couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has moved on in life after breaking up their six years old marriage but the truth is something different. Hollywood star Tom Cruise is reportedly missing his ex-wife Katie especially when he sees her happy and carefree. A