The Doctor: Futuristic Lover


So, are you team Doctor or team Captain? After you check out my video, go check out PrinceZukoFanGirl's version with this exact same song except done to Captain Jack here: Our editing styles and tastes in movies/TV shows are pretty identical, so if you wanna subscribe to her, please do. Oh, and also, Liisakee did a Doctor/Rose video to this song a while back that she just uploaded on her backup account, so go check out her's here too: Okay, so what to say about this video? Please, someone tell me what possessed me to edit this entire song? I'm exhausted! It took me about four hours a day since Monday to do this entire video. But I seriously had so much fun doing it and I hope that it shows in the video itself. The song is "ET (Futuristic Lover)" by Katy Perry. This song just seemed so obvious to do for the Doctor, so how could I pass up the opportunity to do a video to the Doctor and all of his random women and companions, haha! And I do mean EVERY woman---except for Jackie and Sarah Jane! I somehow forgot to put them in this, grrr! I almost forgot about Christina and River, so that's why they both kind of pop up near the end of the video. So, I really hope everyone enjoys and I always love hearing from you guys. Thanks!

Sarah Jane Dias

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