Teesri Aankh (1982) Release Date -23 April 1982 (India) Part 7


Dharmendra ... Ashok Nath Shatrughan Sinha ... Sagar and Amar Zeenat Aman ... Barkha Neetu Singh ... Nisha Malhotra Rakesh Roshan ... Anand Nath Sarika ... Rekha Mehmood ... Constable Hanuman Singh Nirupa Roy ... Malti Nath Om Shivpuri ... Inspector Om Urmila Bhatt ... Inspector Om's wife Satyendra Kapoor ... Kailash Nath Jeevan ... Paul Seema Deo ... Devki (as Seema) Helen IS Johar ... Mirchandani Director: Subodh Mukherji Writers: Subbir Mukherjee (scenario), KA Narayan (screenplay) Childless Malti is married to a honest man, Kailash Nath, who one day brings home a newborn baby boy and asks her to take care of him. Malti names the boy Ashok, and brings him up as her very own. Thereafter she gives birth to two boys, Amar and Anand. When Kailash testifies against dreaded bandit & devil worshiper, Jabbar Singh, he is threatened with death. Jabbar is sentenced to be hanged, but before that could happen he is killed. Jabbar's son, Sheroo, avenges his father's death by killing Kailash. Sheroo is arrested by Kailash's friend, Inspector Om, and sentenced to 20 years. A dying Kailash informs Malti that Ashok is Devki's, his first wife's son, and makes her promise that she wil continue to love Ashok as her own, which she does, and Kailash passes away. When she returns home she finds out that Amar is missing, possibly drowned. She blames this on Ashok and starts hating him. Sheroo escapes from prison, abducts Inspector Om and holds him prisoner, whipping him regularly. Years later ...


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