Smita - Amba Shambhavi


ISHANA... The path of the divine" is the name given by Sadhguru, to this album which was conceived, produced and rendered by Smita, meditator and renowned pop artist from Andhra Pradesh. The album comprises of six timeless sanskrit stotras and chants in praise of Guru, Dhyana Linga and Linga Bhairavi Devi. Guru Paduka Stotram, Nirvana Shatakam, Amba Shambhavi, Yogeshwaraya, Lingashtakam and Ye Devi songs feature in this album. Music for this Spiritual Fusion album is given by leading music Director Nihal from Hyderabad. Two of the compositions were visualised in the ashram premises. Amba Shambhavi was Directed by Tarun Khiwal, meditator and leading photographer from Delhi and Sameer Reddy leading Cinematographer from Hyderabad directed Yogeshwaraya. 67 technicians from audio and video industires have worked for several months to realise this project - ISHANA.. In Smita's words..... "Ishana is my offering to Sadhguru. Meeting him proved to be the turning point in my life as he is the one who set me off on this path of the divine. Needless to say that creating Ishana has been the most fulfilling project of my career". Watch Yogeshwaraya Buy "Ishana" CD at the Isha Download Store: Buy at the Isha Shoppe: (India Only) Learn more about Isha Foundation at http Learn more about Sadhguru at