Seventeen reasons to be a shallow perv part 3


Every now and then, it's nice to be reminded why being a shallow pervert is awesome. Here is the highlights reel of the hottest scenes that entertained the shallow perverts at the gfless MMFest (in no particular order): 1. Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent: Filmed Live On Broadway, starring Tracie Thoms and Eden Epinosa. 2. A rather happy painting scene from Being Erica. 3. The 'Flaming O' spell from Buffy. 4. The car scene from The World Unseen. 5. Lucky Thirteen, House. 6. Dawn's hips, from Buffy. 7. The bedroom scene from The World Unseen. 8. A rather happy dancing scene from Being Erica. 9. Anna Torv speaks German on Fringe 10. A really happy semi-naked scene from Being Erica (it's a happy show) 11. Seriously. Anna Torv, speaks German. 12. The HOTTEST FIRST KISS SCENE IN HISTORY from I Can't Think Straight. 13. Anna Torv wears suits and makes out with a chick. 14. Seriously, Lucky Thirteen (House). 15. Anna Torv sleeps with a chick on Mistresses. 16. The bedroom scene from I Can't Think Straight. 17. Mary from Pride and Prejudice gets enhotterated in St Trinians. Disclaimer: We own nothing except our dreams and our drool.

Lisa Ray

Veerappan plotted to kidnap Rajinikanth: Ram Gopal Varma

Director Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming movie ‘Veerappan’ is a biographical film on the life of the infamous forest brigand and the events leading to his death. The filmmaker interacted with the bandit’s ex-gang members and others associated with him, to collect materials for the biopic. Known

Watch: Zareen Khan's wild & sexy side in ‘Veerappan’ song ‘Khallas’

A new track titled ‘Khallas’ from Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming biographical film ‘Veerappan’ has been unveiled. The song features Zareen Khan showcasing some wild moves. The song is originally from the director’s 2002 film ‘Company’ which has been given a new twist by composers Sharib Sabri

Former VJ, actress Sophiya Haque dies in London

Indian actress and popular VJ Sophiya Haque passed away in hospital on Thursday. She was 41. It was reported that Sophiya was diagnosed with cancer and had been admitted to a London hospital few weeks back. After receiving lots of accolades for her VJ stint, she tried her hand in acting and debut