Secret Relationship - Part 5


~PLEASE READ FIRST~ So here is the last part of my new story. Written and requested by LaOrquidea1. I hope you like it. I don't (as usual ^^)...I think it's too simple and boring ^^ (and too much like K3G) And I also hope you liked the whole story. Now I'll work on a story that I've written XD But I can't say when the first part of it will come. Music: ask me CAST (from this part): Shahrukh Khan as Rahul Khanna Kajol as Anjali Sharma(/devorced Kapoor, now Khanna ^^') Jaya Bachchan as Chandni Khanna (Yash sister and Rahuls mother) Amitabh Bachchan as Yash Kapoor (Rahuls oncle, Karans father) Hrithik Roshan as Sameer Khanna (Rahuls younger Brother) STORY: Two years later... Chandni send her second son Sameer to bring Rahul and Anjali back. For two years she hasn't seen them and is still very sad. A bit later (a week) Sameer wants Anjali to speak with Chandni (telephone). Of cause she do it. Chandni asks her to come to the shopping mall with Rahul...She sais 'yes' and so they meet. But they also see Yash. Rahul turn around and goes back home with Anjali. In the evening Sameer speaks with his brother and asks him to come back. At the same time Chandni is 'argueing' with Yash. (She sais something like that he seperated her from her son and so on) the rest is clear I think ^^ TRANSLATION: [Du hast...die Parts zuvor gesehen...und hier ist der letzte...] Chandni: Sameer...bitte bring ihn zurck! Ich habe ihn seit zwei Jahren nicht mehr gesehen...aber ich vermisse ihn so sehr ...

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