Satrangi Re !!!


Another classic song from the movie `Dil Se' (1998), penned by the superb lyricist Gulzar. AR Rahman has composed its magical music. Sonu Nigam's soothing voice has rendered it. A personal favourite of mine. Lryrics : Gulzar Movie : Dil Se (1998) Music : AR Rahman Director : Mani Ratnam Singers : Sonu Nigam & Kavita Krishnamurthy Starring: Shahrukh Khan and Manisha Koirala Genre : Musical / Thriller / Drama / Romance ---- LYRICS ----- To hi to to hi to satarangi re You only you of the many colors To hi to to hi to manarangi re You only you of the many-colored spirit.. Dil ka saaya hamsaaya satarangi re manarangi re The Shadow on my heart is your many colors your many-colored spirit. Koi nor hai to kyon dor hai to You're beautiful, why are you so disant ? Jab paas hai to ahasaas hai to satarangi re Koi khwaab hai ya parchhaai hai satrangi re satrangi re When you are near you are feeling itself many-colored one. Tell me now when will this wind rest? Is baar bata muhzor hawa theharegi kahaan No one has control over love it is a triumphant fire Ishq par zor nahin hai yeh woh aatish gaalib It cannot be started on a whim and cannot be extingusisned if you try Jo laga'e na lage aur bujhaa'e na bane Aankhon ne kuch aise choaa Hey eyes touche me like so Halka halka uns hua Lightly lightly and i was infatuated Dil ko ye mahasos hua It filled my heart To hi to to hi to jine ki saari khushbo YOu only you, you are all the sweetness of living To hi to to hi to aarzo aarzo You ...

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All is well with Mani Sir, says wife Suhasini

With reports doing the round that ace filmmaker Mani Ratman was admitted to a hospital in Delhi for cardiac attack, his wife Suhasini clears the weather surrounding Ratnam’s health woes report and said that all is well with Mani Sir. He is doing absolutely fine. “All is well with Mani sir

Mani Ratnam visits hospital for routine check-up, cardiac arrest a rumor

Eminent filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s illness and subsequent hospitalization turns out to be a rumor. He had actually visited the Delhi hospital for a long pending master health check-up, while on a holiday with his wife in the national capital, it was confirmed. “A master health checkup was lon

Mani Ratnam admitted to hospital following cardiac attack

Noted filmmaker Mani Ratnam was admitted to a hospital in Delhi following cardiac problem. He was admitted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi late Tuesday afternoon. Doctors confirmed that he is being treated for his problem but they refused to divulge any details. “The fam