Saas Bina Sasuraal - Episode 182 - 30th August 2011


Cheddilal handovers the house keys to Toasty and expresses his unbreakable trust on Toasty. Toasty expresses her gratitude towards Cheddilal and announces that Malti deserves to handle the house responsibilites. Malti denies to accept the keys and returns the keys back to Toasty. Prachin takes tips from Ved to impress Girls. Ved calls Nitika. Pashupati worries about Ved. Ved warns Malti and expresses his discomfort. What will Toasty and Dadaji do now? "Taanya is a beautiful, intelligent and multi-faceted computer science student in Mumbai. As she is about to pass out of college, her parents begin to talk about her marriage. That's when she tells them that she likes a boy called Tej and wants to marry him. Tej also loves her but is reluctant to accept the proposal because of a problem in his family. While he does not want to cheat her by keeping the truth from her, he is scared of losing her if he tells her about his family's problem. His friends try to convince him that every family has some problem so he need not even mention it to Taanya. Finally, when Tej and Taanya's families meet, there seems to be no problem and the proposal is mutually agreed upon. A grand wedding takes place and Taanya arrives in her sasuraal. The moment of shock come when all the rituals and ceremonies are over and the guests are all gone. Taanya realizes that Tej's household is full of men, just men. All the chachis, mamis, buas etc who attended the wedding had all gone and she was the only ...

Aishwarya Sakhuja

TV actress Aishwarya Sakhuja marries long time beau Rohit Nag

In a private ceremony, the ‘Main Na Bhoolungi’ actress Aishwarya Sakhuja gets married to her long time beau Rohit Nag. After a memorable and fun filled sangeet and mehendi ceremony, Aishwarya married Rohit Nag on 5th December in Delhi. Pooja Sharma, who played Draupadi in 'Mahab