Rosa Catalano at True Fitness Spa


Staying fit and excersicing is one thing bollywood celebs are extremely regular with. This showed at the launch of Baqar Nassers Top Spin Gym. Present at the launch was the very sexy Rosa Catalano who looked stunning in red and Actor Sahil Khan. Director Madhur Bhandarkar and Neil Nitin Mukesh also graced the launch with their presence.

rosa catalano

When Saif-Rosa, Shahid-Kareena went for a date together

After dating each other for almost five years and being married for four years, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are one of the steady and loving couples of Bollywood. But the duo has had their share of relationships in the past. In fact, before their relationship began, the duo had also gone on

Kung-Fu for Rosa Catalano in China

Rosa Catalano is fit and is becoming fitter as days are passing by. A kick-boxing freak past 4 years, a trained martial arts person, Rosa is now going to try her hands in the oldest and the best form of martial a