Rakhi Kaa Swayamwar is a complete let down


Swayamwar, an ancient practice where the bride chooses her groom, amongst a group of men, has recently became a success tool for the producers of the reality (was it?) show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. Rakhi, the drama queen has done it again. Not for a day, not for a week but for the entire month, from the start to finish and even after that she managed to keep up the interest of the media and the viewers in her show. The world wanted to see her marry one of the contestants but she got an easy way out with just an engagement. However she says that it was her groom, Eleshs decision to know each other better before getting married but who knows the truth? Her step proved to be brutal as it not only trampled everybodys trusts in reality shows but also mocked the Indian culture. No doubt that the show was a mega hit but will the audience be able to accept a show like this in future remains doubtful.

Ratan Rajput

TV actress Ratan Rajput molested on the set

TV actress Ratan Rajput was allegedly molested on the set of her TV show, 'Santoshi Maa'.  She refused to shoot until the production house took action against the culprit.

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