Rakhi Ka Swayamwar The END


The end of reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar was a start to many controversies. Many reality shows have now been accused for not being real. Rakhi the item girl mesmerized the public with her glamorous Indian look and broke their hearts. Her pretentious Indian bride look has proved that the producers purposely over glamorize the look of the people on their show so that they hold viewers attention. Talking about other reality shows like Mujhe Is Jungle Se Bachao, the producers could have easily not placed the camera in the bathing area but how could they not do what they did? They purposely did that as who wouldnt like to watch sexy Celebes bathing in bikinis? For producers its purely business so what should the audience do? The audience either needs to make a choice or exercise self control. Its a must watchtake a look!

Ratan Rajput

Bigg Boss 7: Ratan Rajput soaked in cow dung tab

Bigg Boss 7 is slowly spicing up with all sorts of drama. Fights and romance are a constant factor in Bigg Boss but here we will talk about a bravery act which Ratan Rajput has showed in this season. She soaked herself in cow dung bath tab much to the surprise of her fellow contestants for almost

Bigg Boss 7: Pratyusha picks up fight with Ratan

Bigg Boss 7 is spicing up with ugly fights between the contestants. Pratyusha Banerjee again picked up fights and this time with Ratan Rajput. The duo involved in a cat-fight after Ratan passed comment on Pratyusha’s personal life. She passed remarks on her series of unsuccessful affairs. Pratyus

Bigg Boss 7: Pratyusha, Kamya, Ratan nominated

The nomination procedure of the seventh season of the reality show, Bigg Boss began and six out of eight contestants from the hell section was nominated by the heaven section. As the contestants were busy with their work, suddenly they heard the voice of Bigg Boss asking them to get ready for the