Rajshri news - Shahid Kapoor Angry With Sonakshi Sinha?


Credit: www.youtube.com/user/rajshri "Shahid Kapoor Angry With Sonakshi Sinha? - Latest Bollywood News. Sonakshi Sinha is slowly becoming controversy's favourite child. Apparently, the damsel is taking pangas with every Bollywood actor and the latest actor she is messing up with is Shahid Kapoor. Check out the video to know how Shahid reacted to Sonakshi increasing attitude. Regular Facebook Updates www.facebook.com Visit www.rajshri.com for the latest bollywood film reviews, makings & trailers." (c) ******************************* Please do check our Shahid Kapoor's official Twitter account - www.twitter.com @shahidkapoor ****************************** We'll also be glad if u check out & follow our Twitter account as well - www.twitter.com/shahidkapooricf @shahidkapooricf

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A quick-look at Shahid-Mira’s wedding journey

Shahid-Mira wedding had made headlines ever since news broke out earlier this year that Shahid Kapoor would be tying the celestial knot with Mira Rajput. Shahid and Mira exchanged wedding vows in a traditional Punjabi ritual in a farmhouse in the outskirts of Delhi on July 7. The ceremony