PennHYPE: Honey -- Mariah Carey Choreography


Choreographer: Kara Crutcher Dancers: Nanette Nunu, Kara Crutcher, Nikita Anand, Kiara Davis Honey- Mariah Carey

nikita anand

Zeenat all praises for Nikita

Ask any pretty lady and she’ll tell you that it is not so much about getting compliments, as much as it is about who one gets complimented by. In this case, Nikita Anand has struck gold, with no less a diva

Nikita follows in Shilpa's footsteps

After Shilpa Shetty's 'yogic' success, upcoming actress Nikita Anand seems to be head over heels for the magic of 'nature's remedies' like Yoga and spiritual healing.