Our Local Stunt Man & His Small Mistake :-p HD


He is our local friend who regularly do these types of stunts, every time he gives his best, but this time a little bit more Special, what the specialty in this, watch this to know more All Copyrights reserved to Ijaz Ahmed Khan and www.youtube.com/786ijazkhan

Ahmed Khan

Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra are rivals!

In award functions or any social gathering, the leading Bollywood beauties enact like blossom friends and shows that there is not animosity between them. They claim to be true friends and behaves that there is a no competition between them. They usually say they are individuals and enacted charac

Sunidhi Chauhan to marry again next month

Noted singer Sunidhi Chauhan has set her mind to marry again. After a failed marriage with choreographer Bobby Khan, brother of choreographer and director Ahmed Khan, Sunidhi has decided to start her life in a new way with her new found love Hitesh Soni whom she met few months back. Hitesh is a