Osman Khan - Mujh Mein Hai Aag (Official Music Video)


www.facebook.com | MP3 @ snd.sc Director / DOP : Wajahat Ahmad Khan | Label: Osman Khan Music Song Details: This is the First single off "Rock A Nation" which comes out in 2012, production is under the label of "Osman Khan Music" and also the soundtrack for "Russian Roulette" - Xproductions Media upcoming feature. "Mujh Mein Hai Aag" is reflecting the Social, economic problems, poverty, terrorism, neglected youth, no value of life, corruption and domestic violence etc that exist in our society and raises a deep "Fire" Element in Youth of the Nation with an intention to "Rock" to Bring a Revolutionary Change. Osman Khan Mujh Mein Hai Aag [Instrumental] Album: Rock A Nation Director & DOP: Wajahat Ahmed Khan Makeup & Styling: Zassh (Tony & Guy) Wardrobe: Rubab Babur (Madiha Babur) Editor: Omar Hassan Post: Xproductions Media Cameos: Ali Khan, Alina, Abdullah Rafique, Osama Farooq, RJ Faisal Shahzad , Faisal Latif (Club Absolut Islamabad) , Aman Waheed, Abbas Alvi (Ufone), Nabeel (overdrive), Sabi, Zubair , Maha and Big Up for Zafar Rahim of (Cafe Eclipse Islamabad), Zassh (Tony & Guy), Ahad Jericho of (Fozzy & WWE) and Aik Naya Pakistan (Brand Video) Download Link: Soundcloud: snd.sc Osman Khan On Twitter: www.twitter.com Osman Khan On Facebook: www.facebook.com Xproductions:www.facebook.com Osman Khan :: All Rights Reserved To ROCK The Nation ::

Ahmed Khan

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