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Trailer: Nana Patekar back as encounter expert in ‘Ab Tak Chappan 2’

The lead character of Sadhu Agashe is back to take the audience through a journey of most thrilling encounters. The ‘Ab Tak Chappan 2’ trailer is out, with none other than Nana Patekar in the lead role once again. The sequel stars Gul Panag and Ashutosh Rana too. It is directed by Aejaz Gulab and

Nana Patekar slams Sanjay Dutt’s parole

Despite Sanjay Dutt being supported by Bollywood biggies for his parole extension, Nana Patekar reportedly slammed his reprieve. The 63-year-old award-winning Marathi actor said he had decided to boycott Dutt by neither watching his films, nor acting with the star in future. In the past, too, Nan

Top 5 Bollywood actors in the best patriotic roles

Bollywood has always been fascinated with our great patriotic heroes and their lives.  A number of filmmakers have either tried portraying lives of Indian patriotic heroes on celluloid  or make a movie on patriotic theme. Here is a list of 10 Bollywood stars who portrayed different patr