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Finally, it is official. Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, who made quite a stir with her alleged relationship with housemate Ashmit Patel in Big Boss is all set to debut in Bollywood with Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai to be directed by Aanand Balraj, the younger brother of Deepak Balraj (director of the movie Hafta Bandh).This will be Aanand's directorial debut. Aanand started his career in Bollywood as an actor and was seen in various short roles in the Subhash Ghai films like Ram Lakhan, Khalnaayak, Saudgar and Pardes.Reports have it that Veena will be playing a double role in the flick. One Veena was just too hot to handle on the smaller screen. Veena in double role will surely scorch the bigger scree

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