Making of Neela Vaanam - reverse


This is the making of the reversed version of the Neela Vaanam video Song hd from Manmadhan Ambu. Although I unreversed the video I reversed the song respectively. The end product is truly magical. Hats off to the team behind the original video and song. It's just amazing no matter how it is viewed. How it is done is totally mind boggling How neela vaanam was done or made Watch the unreversed version of Neela Vaanam at Neela Vaanam Neeyum Naanum UnReverse Manmadhan Ambu. also known as Neelam Vaanam UnReversed & Neela Vaanam UnReverse video song hq Neela Vaanam Reverse high quality high defination The video was Un Reversed and thus the original sound and music will be in reverse to keep the poetic style. The end result? Another remarkable version of the already poetic Neela Vanam Song and video. kamalhassan, trisha, Madhavan, Sangeetha, devi sri prasad Unreversed neela vaanam manmadhan ambu un reversed nela vanam manmadan ambu kamalhassan trisha Madhavan Sangeetha red giant movies kamal ks ravikumar devi sri prasad


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