Lost in Delhi


I spent a few days in Delhi - mainly to attend the CMS Vatavaran Environmental Film Festival - but I also managed to nip out a couple of times to film some street life scenes, and to see the Taj Mahal in Agra (200 km away from Delhi). Both Delhi and Agra are quite amazing. The food is mind-blowing, the music is brilliant, the temples are inspiring and the shops are incredible. The people I met were also - without exception - extremely kind, thoughtful and very philosophical about life. One of the highlights was watching sufis* sing devotional songs (known as qawwali) at Nizzamudin Dargah. Unfortunately I only had a Zoom recorder - no camera, so no pictures. Here's the audio: tinyurl.com/d9yjn3c I didn't manage to get as much footage as I wanted to - but I've made a vow to return to India as soon as I can to get some more. Why 'Lost in Delhi'? Because the city is so hectic - I felt quite disorientated a lot of the time. Also when I was in Agra :) This was shot on a hacked GH2 (Driftwood SeaQuake) with a Kipon adaptor and a Canon 24-105 L. The music is Bedardi Raja (Grind Mix) by Sona Mohapatra * Sufism is a mystical dimension of Islam