Kunal Siddhi scene (Parichay) - 1st April 2012 (Edited Version)


Can't help but be amazed by how sweet this entire episode was. The way Kunal held Siddhi as close as he could to himself whenever possible was just so freakin aww-worthy. Its like he never ever wants her to be away from him again. Every little thing Kunal did was so beautiful, the way he held her close to his heart, the way he lifted and touched her face and quickly pulled her into his embrace again, the way he carried her, the way he ran to make sure she was ok after the gun shot, the way he put his arms around her protectively, the way he blew on her wrist, the way he caressed her,...every single little gesture just showed how much he loves Siddhi. Even Siddhi could not help but find solace and serenity in his arms :). Although the difficult situation could not stop them from engaging in their cute little banters/fights, there was still so much concern there for each other. They both are totally incomplete without each other. If after all this either Kunal or Siddhi questions each others love then I'm going to slap them on the head. But I'm so very happy they are back together with each other. Anyways, I didn't really like the "Teri Deewani" song because it made no sense in the context of the scene so changed the background music there....hope you guys like it. Please do rate/comment/like/thumbs up the video :) VideoCredit: desitvforum :) Background song: She is the one from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Couple: Kunal Siddhi (Sameer Soni & Keerti Nagpure) Show: Parichay Nayee ...

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