Kunal Siddhi scene (Parichay) - 13th April 2012


Every single word Siddhi said to Kunal was so true. After all they have been through in the past few days, Kunal is letting his God damn ego get in the way of their relationship. Now, when he should be telling her all that he felt for her in the past few days and all that she means to him, he is giving her attitude and acting as if he doesn't care. God Kunal, Siddhi was right, you showed her more love and care when she was kidnapped and shot. Seriously, I feel sorry for Siddhi, after all that she has gone through, THIS is the kind of behaviour she gets from Kunal. So disappointing! I want Seema, Raj, Gaurav to succeed in their plan. Kunal's expressions were so cute when Raj told him that they were taking Siddhi away and then would later leave her with Kapil. Poor Kunal, but he really needs to let go of his ego/pride/arrogance/high handed attitude and understand that he cannot keep fighting his feelings and he needs to tell Siddhi how much he loves her. I can't wait to see Kunal being anxious and restless about Siddhi going away again, you could see the slight discomfort/disappointment in his face in the last scene but I want to see how he deals with his emotions when Siddhi really starts packing and leaving. Its time for Mr. Chopra to get a reality check again!