Kunal Siddhi (Parichay) - Holi Scenes contd. - 19th March 2012


I'm so disappointed :(. I wanted to see cute and emotional Kunal Siddhi...not retarded, childish and demented Kunal Siddhi. They were acting silly but it wasn't even adorable silly, it was more of the irritating/childish silly. The best part was Kunal's confession and how he described what he feels for her :). Sameer Soni, you were too ADORABLE for words. Siddhi's blank/brain dead expressions in the scene were annoying (Keerti dear...I love you but work on those expressions on your face...PLEASE). Didn't really like all the crazy giggling and weirdness. Expected so much better :( But hey, it wasn't all that bad, I totally loved Richa's baboon like red face :D:D:D Also the editing of this show is so SHIT. Siddhi's saree keeps fluctuating from being white to becoming coloured and the dance sequence at the beginning was crap too. Someone fire the editor of this show :@:@:@

Sameer Soni

Neelam and Sameer Soni adopt a baby girl

Bollywood actress Neelam Kothari and her husband actor Sameer Soni adopted a baby girl. They tied the knot in January 2011 in a private ceremony and since then they were deprived from the bliss of parenthood. It was their long time wish to adopt a baby girl. Actress-turned-jewelery design

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Hrithik and Suzanne’s third baby!

Suzanne Roshan is on cloud nine as she launched her new showroom named ‘Charcoal Project’. She is very excited about the new showroom and considered it their third baby. She has two lovely sons but the new project that she has opened up is not less than her baby. Highly excite