KRK Molests Rohit In the Bathroom!!


Rohit Verma has become a household name and all thanks to Bigg Boss Season 3. His constant scheming against the other house mates created a lot of drama in the house. While he regretted some of his actions and shed a tear or two, there are some people he refuses to forgive like Vindoo Dara Singh, Kamal Khan and Pravesh Rana.

rohit verma

Designer Rohit Verma evicted from Bigg Boss

Fashion designer Rohit Verma a week after he was shown bitching and plotting against the housemates was evicted from Bigg Boss. Vindu Dara Singh was also in the nomination but public voting goes against Rohit. Th

I really want to slap Rohit Verma, Tanaaz Currim

TV actress Tanaaz Currrim who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss is furious over fashion designer Rohit Verma. She wants to go back and slap him. "Rohit has enraged me so much with his attitude and backbiti

Kamal Khan kicked out of Bigg Boss

Little argument, bitter exchange of words are to some extent allowed in the Bigg Boss house but violence is strictly prohibited and the peace breaker Kamal Rashid Khan adopted the path of violence against designe