Kelvinator GR8 FLO Women Awards 2009


Anu and Shashi Ranjan's Eighth GR8! Women's Awards at a Sahar hotel had a starry turnout with even Aamir Khan showing up. Zeenat Aman got a Lifetime Achievement Award. The theme of the event was Beti, the cause against female foeticide. Story By - Bryan Durham,Mid-Day Video By - Swapnil Chavan,Mid-Day

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Businessman arrested on rape charges, Zeenat Aman files rape case

Mumbai businessman Sarfaraz alias Aman Khanna was arrested by Mumbai police after veteran actress Zeenat Aman lodged rape and cheating complaint against him. The veteran actress filed the case against Aman Khanna yesterday. Following the complaint, the accused was arrested on Thursday night. In h

Juhu police arrested Zeenat Aman’s stalker

On Thursday, Juhu police caught hold of businessman Amar Khanna who was accused of harassing and stalking veteran actress Zeenat Aman. Summoned was issued against him after the actress filed FIR against him. He will be produce

Zeenat Aman files molestation case against a businessman

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman files molestation and stalking case against a businessman named Amar Khanna. ANI reported#Veteran actor Zeenat Aman files a complaint of stalking and criminal intimidation against a businessman in Mumbai. Police begin investigation,the businessman is absconding