Kelvinator GR8 FLO Women Awards 2009


Anu and Shashi Ranjan's Eighth GR8! Women's Awards at a Sahar hotel had a starry turnout with even Aamir Khan showing up. Zeenat Aman got a Lifetime Achievement Award. The theme of the event was Beti, the cause against female foeticide. Story By - Bryan Durham,Mid-Day Video By - Swapnil Chavan,Mid-Day

zeenat aman

At 63, Zeenat Aman wants to marry someone again

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman turns 63 today and on this D-day, the yesteryear actress reveals her heartfelt desire. Stylish actress Zeenat Aman wants to settle down again with someone after her sons settle down. "Of course I want to settle down with someone once again. Why wouldn't I? You

Celebrities who were physically and verbally abused

The vast part of Indian population is no stranger to violence. Indian women are sadly familiar with domestic violence and several reasons have been cited for this including poor economic condition, lack of literacy etc. But, the violence against women is not restricted to the lower strata of soci

Celebrities who suffered domestic violence

Domestic violence has remained a hushed up but undeniable fact of life and recent revelations show that even celebrities are not proof from it. After Aamir Khan aired an episode on this topic in his show “Satyamev Jayate” it has become a hotly discussed issue. But, just because you are rich and f