Kahani Chandrakanta Ki 10/28/11


Gajraj tells Somnath and Changez Khan that real Raajkumari ran away from Shivgarh palace.... They are flabbergasted and run after her in jungle.... Before they can catch her, Kroor Singh and gang gets successful to chase Taara Singh and finally they kill him.... At the other side in Vijaygarh Yuvarj Indrajeet sees a nightmare of Taara Singh's killing.... In jungle kroor Singh and gang kills Taara Singh.... Raajkumari Kishori only becomes witness but can't save him.... She escapes from there....On the other hand when Somnath and changej khan reaches the place, they get shocked to see Taara Singh's dead body.....


Pic: Priyanka Chopra bumps into Nayantara in US

Priyanka Chopra meets Southern actress Nayantara in the US. Nayantara met Priyanka when the former was vacationing in NYC with her boyfriend. The two actresses discussed movies and spend quality time together.   Ramesh Bala tweeted the picture of Priyanka and Nayantara# Guess who bump

It’s official: Nayantara dating Vignesh Shivan

Southern sensation Nayantara is dating director Vignesh Shivan. Reports of their relationship were doing the round for quite sometime but only recently it got confirmed. Their first public appearance together at the award function in Singapore put a stamp on their relationship. They came together