Kaan Masti Feat. Hoezaay And Suresh Menon - Episode 4


On this Episode Dr. Honey Balker talks about John Travolta's Broken Arrow Massage Pub Visitors are sent to REHAB What is the Club Experience ? Man Research : Women .How many breasts ? Suresh Menon and Hoezaay fight about this podcast. Our fascination with Hindi profanity. DirtyFy -- Dirty versions of Songs and their Inventor. Bollywood : Salman Khan + Jannat 2 + Sunny Leone Bollywood Bloopers. Ghost Story Discussions The Mumbai Breathalyzer test. Male Hygiene Hoezaay's adventure in a Goa Bus. This podcast is about Real life conversations, and the people taking part in it are not allowed to "play it for the microphone". If you are easily offended please leave. Featuring the hilarious, private, in-between-work conversations of colleagues, working at a Radio Station. In this Episode : Television and movie star Suresh Menon , Radio producer Ankit and as always, me, that Hoezaay guy.