Kaan Masti Episode 6 featuring Suresh Menon and Hoezaay


On this Episode Rave Parties and Drugs in Mumbai Prostitution ( A discussion , not actual Prostitution ) Do Men want Sex ALL the time ? India Wins the Internet with a Tweet Bollywood : RGV's Department Testicular Shaving Sunny Leone's Mobile Phone Ad Sunny Leone as a decent Person. The Committee for Penises Flipping through the Newspapers Kim Kardashian is in Mumbai Common Man Problems - Train Travel Watching Tennis as Kid. A special Tech related Phone Call about the Galaxy S3 Poke Studio Amazing Observations New Ideas for Television Shows Suresh always talks about Shit. Hoezaay gets his revenge. Hoezaay has a Discovery Channel type experience with the Koyal Bird. Pornography. That looks dangerous, are you ok with it ? How to have a LEGAL Rave Party. Celebrities as Animals. Kittens in World News Live Commentary on the New Sunny Leone Condom Ad. Is there Porn on Youtube ? New ways to create energy to power the world. This podcast is about Real life conversations, and the people taking part in it are not allowed to "play it for the microphone". If you are easily offended please leave. Featuring the hilarious, private, in-between-work conversations of colleagues, working at a Radio Station. In this Episode : Television and movie star Suresh Menon , Radio producer Ankit and as always, me, that Hoezaay guy.