Jaysz-E , Dj GaG Live in IBS Gurgaon (JAYNGAG)


Live performance by Jaysz-E , Dj GaG nd Shared the stage wid Punjabi Mc nd Ishq Bector .. For updates join www.facebook.com/dajaysze www.facebook.com/djgagworld

Ishq Bector

IshQ wants to romance Deepika!

IshQ Bector may have a music-bank of over a hundred-and-fifty songs, but when it comes to dedicating one for that ‘special someone’, he dreams only about the sensuous Deepika Padukone. That could be the reason why he has devoted an entire song titled “Tu hi meri angel, tu h

Rakhi and ishQ take legal action on Censor Board!

In a swift move that has taken the entire film industry by surprise, firebrand Rakhi Sawant and singer-composer-lyricist ishQ Bector, have gone ahead and taken legal action on the industry’s regulatory bod