itne karib aake bhi .. talat mehmood,mubarak begum


Song : Itne karib aake bhi kya jane kis liye kuchh ajnabi se aap hain kuchh ajnabi se ham... Film: Shagoon (1964) Singers: shehansha-e -bazm Talat Mehmood sahab & mallika-e-bazm Mubarak Begum , Cast : Wahida Rehman,Kanwaljeet,Mehmood,Mubaarak Music: Khaiyyam Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi ..the legends urdu poet LYRICS: t: itane karib aake bhi kyaa jaane kis liye - 2 kuchh ajanabi se aap hain, kuchh ajanabi se ham kuchh ajanabi se aap hain m: vo ek baat jo thi fakat aap ke liye 2 vo ek baat kah na sake aap hi se ham - 2 kuchh ajanabi se aap hain t: aisi to koi kaid nahin dil ki baat par -2 apas ki baat hai to dare kyon kisi se ham kuchh ajanabi se aap hain m: tum duur ho to maut bhi aaye na ham ko raas 2 tum paas to jaan bhi de de khushi se ham kuchh ajanabi se aap hain t: maut ek vaham, aur hakikat hai zindagi ik duusare ko maangenge is zindagi se ham dono: ek duusare ko maangenge is zindagi se ham dono: ek duusare ko maangenge.. PLOT STORY :- Geeta (Waheeda Rehman) and Madan (Kamaljit) are in love with each other and want to marry. They meet each other's parents and subject to the matching of their astrological charts, their engagement is finalized. However, the pandit reports to Madan's mom that the marriage will be ill-fated, and bad things will result for Madan and his family. Madan's mom is opposed to the marriage, however, Madan and Geeta are not superstitious and are determine to marry each other. They do get married, and then one disaster after another befalls Madan's ...

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Veteran actress Shakila passes away at 82, Waheeda Rehman condoles

Veteran actress Shakila passed away following a massive heart attack on Wednesday evening. She was 82. The funeral took place on Thursday morning at the Mahim cemetery in Mumbai. Shakila’s nephew Nasirr Khan took to Facebook to share the sad news. He wrote, “With a heavy heart I have

Waheeda Rehman’s son to marry a Bhutanese girl

Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman’s son Sohail Rekhi is all set to enter into wedlock next month. The yesteryear actress is busy preparing for the wedding. The bride to be is a Bhutanese girl. A house-help leaked the wedding news, she said, “Haan agle mahine shaadi hai, par idhar nahi bahar g