India Fest Dance 2011 - Aaja Nachle


This was our performance for India Fest 2011 at the Santa Fe College. Choreography: Navya Mastanaiah Video credits: Siddesh's roommates. Dancers: Navya Mastanaiah, Priyanka Mehra, Siddhesh Walanj, Swati Kapoor, Durga Shankar, Vaishnavi Krishnan, Neha Sharma, Deepa Gupta, Beth Lackey, Milind Gholap, Ajeta Singhal, Nishant Ghan, Shaurya Verma Source: Different angle: Yet another angle:

Neha Sharma

Jackky Bhangnani dating Neha Sharma

When two youngsters work together and spend considerable amount of time together on and off the set, their heart is bound to clash. Something similar happened on the set of ‘Youngistaan’. Jackky Bhagnani and Neha Sharma got to know each other better on the set of ‘Youngistaan’ and they came

Stars flaunt hot body in shorts

It is summer time once again and the heat is doing wonderful things. For instance the Bollywood beauties have decided to shed their clothes and the hunt for comfort in summer has led to the revival of hot pants this season. Alia Bhatt It seems Alia is the one most

Vivek Oberoi names his baby boy

Vivek Oberoi is a proud father of less than a week baby boy and is completely in love with his little one. His wife Priyanka Oberoi gave birth to a baby boy on February 6. Vivek reveals that he hasn't even slept in the last 48 hours as his son had a hiccoughs and he was very worried. He said that