Imraan Khan: Aamir Khan gifted me a BMW after Jaane Tu...

Aamir Khan

Intolerance row: Shahrukh Khan defends Aamir Khan

The nation off late divided on the issue of intolerance mouthed by Aamir Khan during an event. Several boycotted the perfectionist for calling India ‘alarming’ and ‘intolerant’. Social media slammed Aamir Khan for making such unpleasant remark. Few stood by Aamir’s side while few tagged him unpat

Snapped: Aamir Khan moves out of India with his family

Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who off-late roped in a controversy over his latest remark on ‘Intolerance’, headed to the USA for his upcoming film, ‘Dangal’. Wrapping up Ludhiana shoot quickly, the perfectionist takes the flight

Singer Abhijeet takes a dig at Aamir Khan in an open letter

Now the latest to take pot-shots at Aamir Khan is singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya. In an open letter, Abhijeet slammed Aamir Khan for tagging India, ‘Intolerence’. In an open letter, posted on his Facebook account, the singer slammed Aamir. Here’s what he wrote in the letter:-