I Got Eyelash Extensions!


omg omg!! I got them!! Here's some before/after photos www.cl2425.com The only thing I forgot to mention in this video is the length of the lashes I got. I'm going to quote my esthetician.. KimK's lashes are about 16-17. Super long and fake looking in real life. Natural looking ones are about 10-11. What people normally get are 11-12s. I decided to go a bit more and got 12-13s. My lashes don't have the dolly curl (or the C-curl), because I didn't want a dramatic look. Yes, you can put eye makeup on, but you have to be gentle with it. Also, when removing makeup you have to use oil-free products, since the oil in removers can interfere with the glue. Mink is more natural looking than synthetic.. but synthetic isn't bad at all! Overall I am happy with the results ^___^* I searched yelp and went with a place that had consistently good reviews. prices and results are going to vary, so I hope you guys watch this video as a reference. Catalina