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subscribe and visit bangladesh.MOVIE: Impatient Vivek RATING: LENGTH: 1 Minute(s) 29 Seconds VIEWS: 1 RELEASE DATE: 07/01/2011 PRODUCER: Ashok Chauhan, Malvee S. STARCAST: Vivek Sudarshan, Sayali Bhagat, Hrishikesh Joshi, Charu Asopa, Rounaog Ahuja, Muni Jha, Pratik Dixit, Nirmal Soni, Ashok Beniwal, RP Singh, Kirti Kapoor, Vijay Bhatia, Sharmila Goenka, Hemangi Rao, Anurag Saxena, Zia A. Khan DIRECTOR: Rahat Kazmi TAGS: Promos Trailers Trailors Movie Promos Vivek Sudarshan Sayali Bhagat Hrishikesh Joshi Charu Asopa Rahat Kazmi Impatient Vivek URL: "german television" animals "prank call" contest outtakes "bollywood actress" director "movie awards"

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Sayali Bhagat weds Delhi based entrepreneur

Former beauty queen and Bollywood actress Sayali Bhagat gets married to a Delhi based entrepreneur Navneet Pratab Singh who is a family friend.  The couple wedded in a traditional Gujarati style at hotel Sea Princess on 10th December, 2013. Sayali and Navneet dated few mon

Some of the controversial girls of 2011

With all its highs and lows, the year 2011 was not without its own share of controversies. While some of them were official, most were to be heard through the grapevine. In course of bidding farewell this soon to be elapsing year, it will be an interesting exercise looking back over some of the

Sayali Bhagat sues Shiney Ahuja for sexual harassment

Actress Sayali Bhagat filed case against her co-star Shiney Ahuja for sexually abusing her during the film shoot and also said that Shiney even made advances towards her. She claim that during the shooting of upcoming flick, ‘Ghost’, Shiney misbehaved with her number of times.