Hot Babe Pooja Mishra Speaks About Big Boss @ Gary Richarson's Play In Svenska Hotel


Gary Richardson lights up Svenska ladies retro nite with his lady mad horses , He is not known as the unconventional Czar of stand-up comedy for no reason. Gary Richardson made his presence felt at the Retro Nite of Svenska with his Lady Mad Horses where it was not just the women by hosts Zia Shaikh and Wasim Shaikh who were in splits with his one-liners and excellent comic timing.The menu by chef including the amazing stuffed baguette and the mocktails were a hit with everyone including Zia and Wasim Shaikh, Gary Riochardson, actor Eijaz Khan, sufi singer Mudasir Ali sporting a new haitstyle, designer Ashish Dwyer, director Suhaib Ilyasi, models Bosky, Chitra Jain, Amy Billimoria, Madhuri Pandey, Eve Russell, Cyndy Khojol, Ruby Dalvena, Amy Billimoria, Kiran Yogi, Rupika Chawla, Vediak Shivsagar, Pooja Misrra, Viren Shah, Vikram Verma, Olle Zelmerlow, Judit Wolf, actors Pravin Dabbas and Preeti Jhangiani among others. Said Gary Richardson, "Zia and Wasim Shaikh are dear friends and the dishes were a big hit. Being a fitness freak, I am a diehard fan of the salad bar. You can say it gives me a high!"For regular updates on the latest happenings in Bollywood kindly subscribe bollywoodshow