Heaven Sent me an Angel


Pakistan/Bollywood actress Sofia HAyat - Love, Boyfriend a song about how amazing it is when two people make love that it makes you feel amazing and like new life has been breathed into you, you feel the essence of your being in a sexual way, but how that transpires into your body and soul. Also for me my angel was this person, this moment, for you that angel can come in any form. A letter, a smile, a person, a hug a child, a star. Angels are all around us, heaven sends them to us at moments in pur life when we need them. They are not just someone you met, a random act of kindness, they are angels. All around us.

Sofia Hayat

‘Big Boss 7’: Sofia Hayat to boycott grand finale

British singer and actress Sofia Hayat who was in the news recently for filing a police case against contestant Armaan Kohli of ‘Bigg Boss 7’, has decided to boycott the grand finale episode of the show. It is learnt that Sofia is extremely miffed as Armaan Kohli got a bail within a day an

“Police added sexual assault to the case... I didn’t”, Sofia Hayat

British singer and actress Sofia Hayat who was at the house of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ before being evicted, said she had not put sexual assault charges against another contestant, Armaan Kohli while they both were at the house of Bigg Boss. After Sofia Hayat was evicted from the game, she went on t

Armaan Kohli gets bail, back in Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 7 contestant Armaan Kohli who was arrested on Monday night was granted bail today on a surety of 50,000 rupees. He was arrested for assaulting Bigg Boss contestant and British singer-actress Sofia Hayat. After eviction, Sofia went to Santacruz police station and lodged complaint against