Has Dabangg Salman Khan got MARRIAGE PHOBIA???-TV9


Salim Khan and his family might be eagerly waiting for the eldest son Salman to get hitched, but the actor seems to have a major mind block!when Salman had joined in to celebrate Bappa's wedding with the Lahri family recently, when the senior person blessed Salman for his impending marriage, the actor requested the elderly gentleman to not do so. Salman asked him to bless him with money, health and success instead.So why does Salman fear entering marital bliss? Is he commitment phobic or is there some other reason?

Nathalia Kaur

Nathalia Kaur to replace Sunny Leone in ‘Jism 3’

The makers of ‘Jism 2’ are thinking of the third and fourth installment of the blockbuster movie and they are considering Natalia Kaur to the female lead in ‘Jism 3’. Ram Gopal Varma launched the Brazilian model-turned-actress in Bollywood with item number 'Dan Dan' in his film 'Department'.